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Raining on the Munley parade

After watching Oprah from the comfort of my bed I nearly spit out my mouthful of perfectly decanted Merlot when Munley's fellow officer said he shot, knocked down and grabbed the gun of Hasan, the alleged shooter. Not only was he never really mentioned before in the press, but he was an African American. As the news goes, spotlight the white gal and shove the person of color into the background. What is interesting here is eye witnesses say Munley never fired her gun. It was Sgt. Mark Todd who brought down the alleged shooter and not Munley. Is Munley our next Private Jessica Lynch, remember how the media was at regurgitating the official military line without question about her capture in Iraq in 2003 — that she emptied her weapon in a "Rambo-like performance" that led to her wounding and capture — differed with the truth. She was hurt in a vehicle accident and was well cared-for by Iraqis. What's wrong with having an African American saving the life of not only the soldiers but of his fellow officer Munley? Think about it, after Hasan shot Munley he went to reload, don't ya think he was about to finish her off when that African American shot him, knocking him down? And what about the soldier that pulled people from harms way? Pfc. Marquest Smith, a black man, while under fire, quickly grabbed the civilian worker who’d been helping with his paperwork, made a run for it with her taking two other soldiers with him, he made it out of the Soldier Readiness Processing center — only to plunge into the building twice more to help the wounded.


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