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It is a festival that brings together people all with one thing in common: the love and art of filmmaking, no matter the genre. Cucalorus started fifteen years ago as a one day event. Now it lasts five days. People come from all over the world, giving filmmakers and actors a chance to network. “There's people from just all over the place that hear about Cucalorus and it's kind of garnered a lot of attention internationally and helped filmmakers and the whole creative process,” said writer/actor Johnathan Guggenheim. Cucalorus features everything from documentary's to short films like director Chip Hackler's, Two Hours in the Dark. It is based on the true story of an event that changed Frank Capra's life. Hackler said it is gratifying to see his hard work on the big screen. “You used to hear the expression that a writer's book isn't really finished until someone's read the book. I think the same way for a filmmaker; that the work isn't finished until it's screened and audience sees it and also, when you hear some feedback about the work and I think that completes the creative cycle,” he said. The festival starts Wednesday and ends Sunday. If you are interested in checking out any of the films, check out for ticket information and a list of the eight venues.

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