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Right to Work State? Think again!

Speaking as someone who works sporadically in the film industry I say this is great news. But if I may,I would also like to add that specifically I would like to call out the practice of union workers of IATSE in this town who frequently edge out non-union workers from jobs by forming cliques that keep the same bunch of people working on almost every major production that comes to town by monopolizing the production offices. I have first hand knowledge and experience with this happening and it is something that is disgustingly overlooked and/or ignored. Those of us who try to do something about it are blackballed,which doesn't make a difference because we are kept off productions anyway by the same few who are able to get on them and get in positions of power in the hiring spots, and refuse to hire anyone outside their cliques and aren't in the union. Those who either because they could not get in as yet or chose not to be in,can forget about working on anything that comes to the studio. So much for being a right to work state if the union workers just take over anyway. So while I am happy about all that is going on,for those of us not "dialed in" none of this will make much of a difference. Don't believe me? Look on and look at the crew listings for most of the major productions that have come through for the past several years. Same bunches of people,and if you think it is because those are the only talented crew that deserve the work and that's why they get all those jobs,then you are sorely mistaken. Truth is best...there are WAY more talented crew than are being hired on these productions,and it's time people knew why.


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