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Tax-free filming would be better

Why doesn't North Carolina simply amend the law to say that any film production gets a 100% tax break? Heck! Why don't we pay THEM to film here? Sure....the state is broke....we're cutting health programs.....closing half-way houses.....postponing road construction..... ...but how can you place a price on seeing Kim Bassinger in her all black sweats (complete with black baseball cap) and dark sunglasses at Harris July....? ("I will dress like a complete weirdo so you don't notice me!") What you gnats don't understand is that if the production companies stop filming in Wilmington, hundreds of studio workers will have to get REAL jobs instead of serving bottled water to Brad Pitt for a few weeks and then collecting unemployment for six months. I, for example, am an artist. I paint backdrops and scenery. You expect me to paint houses for a living? What part of "I am an artist" confuses you? All I know is that we need to show those other states playing tax-incentive poker that we are not a punk, and give these production companies millions more. Can't we fire a few hundred cops and nurses to give the production companies a break?


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