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Mr. Wuzzardo, You ask for rational and reasonable arguments for Sarah Palin to be elected President. I find this humorous you want people to prove you wrong when your mind will obviously not change. When you say that you dont want to hear anything she says about anything and hope nobody else does either, shows your narrow views on her from the start. Sarah Palin has more executive experience and running a government than Barack Obama ever thought of having when he was elected President. Thats indisputable unless his "community organizing" qualified him to be the commander in chief? Your arguments have no fact and no substance as to why you are "scared" she could be a contender. Can you blame her for resigning from her governorship after having to spend millions of her own dollars to defend herself from outrageous ethics violations that she has been cleared of over and over? Your Jon and Kate constitutional statement isnt even worth responding to. She relates to the american people, shes an intelligent conservative mother who has common sense. Thats more than can be said for the majority of Washington D.C. I'd love to hear your response to the comments posted on this blog and maybe letting us all know what you think qualifies someone to run for president.


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