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From Alaska on Palin

For all of you interested and those of you just plain sick and tired of Palin trying to keep her name in the spot light, I am an Alaskan and I have first hand knowledge of Mrs. Palin's lack of governmental abilities. I will say this she definitely has the whole politician angle down, she is a lying shady women and can skirt issues and get away with stuff left and right. She only has small town Mayoral experience before becoming governor. No real governmental experience outside our own little state issues. At least Obama has senate experience and a somewhat better understanding of national and global polictics. Yeah, Palin said she had international experience, but standing in Nome on a clear day and looking across an ocean at Russia doesn't really count. Thank god she never had to deal with foreign affairs or they'd have a poor outlook on American women. She lied about having influence over the Army or National Gaurd, has a federal employee I can tell you that her state office would ASK for assistance if there was an emergency,not command. Thank god we did not have one before she QUIT in the middle of her job as Governor of Alaska to chase the spotlight. Palin for 2012? Really? People in the lower 48 need to think about that one. Over the years we have gotten ourselves into a big hole, Palin has no real experience dealing with financial problems at this level, again Wasilla is a very small town and she couldn't even handle being governor of our quiet little state. I voted for her, would I do it again, heck no! She is a wolf in sheeps clothing and tells to many lies. She did abuse her power as governor for personal matters and this is still being processed. She was in trouble for this long before her nomination for VP and took the oppurtunity to hide behind this nomination instead of cooperating with the investigation like she said she would, which by the way wasted tax payer dollars. Wasting money on her rendition of her life in the political areana is just fueling her fire for the spotlight. She is not presidential material. She is an embarrassing mess. I am embarrassed that I wasted time discussing her at all, but you need to be informed. Good Luck.


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