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my family and i have lived in brunswick county all my life and we love it here until the last 4 years.myyounger sis is going through a really bad coustody battle and because the other family is very well know here she is getting no help.she is not a drug user she works and goes to school but she also does not make alot of money to cont. to funds for brunswick county unlike the other side whom is in the church and right beside the law offices they all know them by name.she reactly paid a lawyer 2.500.00 only to have him quitint the middle of the case due to the other side .now she has a court date for march and no attorney.there is no such thing a legal help for that and no attorney is gonna touch the case due to the other sides name.on the last court date the jude stated (i know to much about the story and the people to render a fair judgement.what does that mean ?im way to good of friendsto them to do the case.mmm i thnk the hole system should be looked at. where are the rights for the mothers who are not drug users or such and want to be there for there kids? the father has 4 kids by 4 different ladies and doesnt pay child support on any.this can not be right.just because they knnow everybody they get away with anything .i guess it's all who you know and pay. praying for all and wishing the best


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