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re: : Locally owned merchants at Mayfaire and Independce Mall?

Yesss, I'd like to know as well. Most, to my knowledge are giant corporate owned entities that could give a rats patootie about Wilmington or the local merchants. I've lived in Wilmington almost 40 yrs and owned a business in the downtown area since 1985, back in the day when Wilmington was STILL Wilmington. When there was still a bit of GRACE left in this world. Our fair town has suffered the fate of many a small city, a fate caused by people who thought that letting big business come in would some how enhance life. But of course once the big business comes out goes the local merchant and all that made the place what it was that was charming to the tourist. It is not just the economy that has driven the tourists away but the lack of anything left here to visit, especially downtown. Such a shame really. How I miss the old seafood restaurants that used to be so plentiful! :(


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