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i tottaly agree!!! this shouldnt be allowed! theyve been doing the "injections" this long y change it?. what kind of heart do people have..& yes (a bullet, gas, injection, either way they r gonna die, but think about it) --its going to be put in a gas chamber??? injection is one simple poke! they want to lock people up for animal cruelty? Well what is this considered? its just wrong.. just the sound of it--"gas chamber" sounds cruel!! & if more people out there would have some heart, instead of being selfish!!! this world would be a whole lot better of a place!! you have to fight for rights! & this isnt right (not in my eyes & a lot of others) so please..SPEAK UP & fight for what is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! because the animals cant speak 4 there selves, & if some of us dont be the "voice" for them, nothing will ever change!!!!!!


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