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Brunswick County Gas chamber is not the vote of the people!

How dare the county continue to use this ancient form of murder to our pets and strays and not inform the people of Brunswick County what was going to happen before they bought it. It should be the health director's responsibility and the county officials responsibility to let our people know before buying such a piece of equipment. This is not a new tractor for the county's use. This is a machine that kills our animals. How dare them. The animal activists are right, everyday people with everyday schedules deserve better opportunity than having to look up information to find out when and what is being brought up at our county meetings. I know that if I had known about it I would have been there, insisting on the faster and more humane way of putting these animals down. Do people realize the suffering gas chambers cause. I do because I once did volunteer work at a shelter in Wake County that no longer uses this method. Our animals moan and cratch at the wire crates as they are slowly diing. How dare Brunswick County. What kind of dictatorship are we dealing with here???


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