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Gas chambers are not illegal for prisoners

Good grief, does no one do research before they start spewing an opinion?? Gas chambers used on animals and gas chambers used on people are totally different chemicals! And before it gets thrown into the mix, gas chambers used to train military personnel are another different chemical- Gas Chambers used for killing prisoners -Prisoners were gassed with Hydrogen Cyanide which produces violent reactions such as convulsions, spasms, vomitting, contortions. Hydrogen Cyanide causes death by hypoxia (decreased oxygen available to the tissues and organs), and the average time for death to occur was 9.3 minutes. This was ruled as cruel and unusual punishment, and although prisoners may still ask to die by gas, most executions are done by injection. Gas Chambers used for killing animals --Animals euthanized with Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas experience hypoxemia (a deficiency in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in arterial blood). Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, and is nonflammable and nonexplosive unless in concentrations over 10%. Death occurs rapidly in concentrations of 4-6% CO. Dogs exposed to 6% CO in air experience 20-25 seconds of abnormal cortical function prior to loss of conciousness. Now you may have 1/20th of the information you need to make an informed decision.. or you can go back to"I don't like it, cause I don't....


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