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A few months ago, I posted an entry-level, part time position. I got the regular pool of applicants I expected, but I also had an individual who had a PhD, Masters program grads, people who were more qualified that I am.... It amazed me, and as heartbroken as it was, it opened my eyes.... There is just not that much out there.... Sitting in my seat, what I see is that the economy is far worse than many people realize... Unemployment numbers come from the ESC... Well, when benefits drop, and knowing what a poor job the ESC does with finding jobs, those individuals are not going to keep reporting... Then there are those who were working under the table, or part time, were not with a company for the required minimum time period, or just do not bother with going to the ESC to report.... I believe the numbers are padded.. and the big dogs on wall street want it that way... If the truth were known, the dollar would fall even more and we would all be in a world of hurt.... Employers need to STOP judging on qualifications, and realize they may get a $100k per year employee for a fraction of that, and managers.. you need to realize that it should be your job as a GOOD manager, not to hire those less qualified than you are, but to hire the best people that you can... I see too many times where insecurities lead management to hire someone under qualified because the manager is afraid that they will be a risk to their job... Listen up.... As a GOOD manager, it IS your job to hire and employee the best people for the position that you are able to find even if they are over qualified... Telling someone they are over qualified is a cop out and an excuse for you not to hire them because you are afraid they will take YOUR job...It is insecurity at its best.. I have one employee that has more education that I do... More experience than I do.. I hire them because they would bring the best they could to the table, and it is my job as a manager to hire the best I can for the benefit of the company... So.. Stop being so immature and insecure and do the company a favor that you are working for.. Hire GOOD people... You will be admired for being a Good... No.. a better manager for doing so... It is not my job to know everything.. But it is my job to retain the best resources that I can for the benefit of the company that I work for... And That.. is what gives me job security....


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