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Now that's funny.

"Celebrate prosperity and it will come"... Tell that to the homeless who are up FIFTY PERCENT in the tri county area because of a loss of jobs. You are living in a world obviously with rose-colored glasses, maybe that should be named Obama World. How ridiculous. Prosperity isn't coming anytime soon with the spending this entire government has done, repubs and demos alike. The only prosperity you can get is Christ and not the "sow a seed "Insert most TBN programs" and get prosperity" religion crap. If people will actually read a bible they may see a different Jesus than one preached at most churches and on television. There is still such thing as sin, wrath, judgement and this is what we are reaping right now. Go ahead and call me "self-righteous", however, you cannot prove me wrong. Jesus loves, but ask all 5 cities who were turned to dust about wrath. They once existed, as proven by Google Earth. America has payment to pay. The only happiness will come through Christ, when you are worshipping the Christ in the Bible, not the man in the average pulpit.


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