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actually your wrong truth be

actually your wrong truth be told they were NOT willing accomplices they were merely doing what they were told to do or risk loosing their jobs. question for you have you ever been up against your boss in something he tells you to do? i'm quite sure you haven't so with that point think of having a boss that is pretty much the over the entire county, does not have to have a reason to fire you other than him walking in one day to work and if you don't smile at him he tells you your fired (bad feeling isn't it) i don't agree with hardly anything this administration has done however lets not blame all the employees if you only knew the aggravation they have to go through to even want to go to work in the mornings but they do for a job to feed their families. like it was said to me the other day "there isn't a more powerful man in this county then the sheriff, he is the king of this castle" and just like all other kings they let the power go staight to their heads and forget about the ones taking the blame for their stupidity


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