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The party has slapped

The party has slapped itself in the face, actually. When Bush was elected and had a Republican congress give him "open checkbook" and "free reign", the American people were angry. Now,Obama has done the same thing with the Democratic controlled congress and the country is headed absolutely in the wrong direction under his party/leadership. I am a true independent who votes solely on issues and integrity, and I beleive any elected official who sees his party doing the public wrong and switches based on principles is a person of integrity, rather than being a puppet for the party platform. I urge ALL of you out there to go to a soup kitchen or homless center at meal time or any place where the needy get assistance and you will see some people who absolutely need assistance and they should get it, but you will see an overwhelming majority pulling up in new cars, wearing all kinds of expensive jewelry and carrying blackberry cell phones, and you tell me how needy they are!


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