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i'm fine with texting while driving being banned but...

the fact i cant have my license plate frame on or my CLEAR cover is pure ridiculousness. My vehicle is plated in another state due to the fact my family is military! We're trapped (yes trapped because we hate this state) due to orders. I dont think its needed for complete strangers to know my plates. If an officer thinks my plates are expired he is more than welcome to pull me over and check my vehicle registration. spending a large portion of time on base and living in base housing, if my plates are NOT current, i cant leave the house. There is absolutely NO reason, in my mind, for this ban. It's NOT dangerous to have my license plate frame OR my CLEAR cover over my plate. If people weren't so uptight and nosey, this wouldn't even be an issue. People need to mind their own business and focus on things that are actually important. North Carolina is just trying to find more ways to rip people off and take more money from people it should just leave alone. THIS ignorance is very much why i can NOT wait to go back home. This kind of stupidity and foolishness is one of the many reasons i despise this state. Besides the fact that it doesnt snow or have distinguishable seasons, i'd prefer the increase in traffic i'd deal with back home. Much safer and dont have to worry about lunatics running me off the road because i'm not speeding. No texting while driving is designed to keep us safe. The no frames or covers is designed to rip us off further. besides the tax on food (no tax on grocery items at home since we already pay enough taxes)


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