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Really now?????

May you be blessed with forty thousand tickets then since you have such high disregard for the law and you must have plenty of money too. This is why these laws are passed, for idiots who can't think wisely enough to drive safely and be aware of their surroundings. Why do you think Wilmington is the "accident capitol" of the state???? Do anything except driving while behind the wheel is inherently dangerous. You might need to take corrective action to avoid you and your family from being injured or killed....but, you would not know that because you were so self important that you could not delay for a couple of minutes reading or replying to a text!!! The accident statistics show that inattention to driving is the leading cause of accidents in the under 30 crowd, leading to death and serious injuries both to themselves and to others. You can bet there will be civil suits if you cause an accident, and they will subpoena your cell phone records for civil suit, and are ticketed for texting while driving. Nothing is that important that it can't wait for a couple of minutes. My life is more important than that and it disgusts me that you have no concern for others at all.


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