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Once again we're missing the

Once again we're missing the big point here, not blocking this info on a liscence plate helps police to keep an eye out for stolen plates among being able to make sure those nice little red light cameras get your info correct. there are many out there who use those plates to get away with wrong doing and so what if it's an inconvenience to you if it helps keep a felon off the street? And as far as texting while driving or using a cell for that matter, if you honestly think it should be ok to do that, I'm cool with that. As long as you don't mind me being able to pull you out of your car and point a .45 to your temple because not paying attention while driving a car, truck, motorcycle, or anything is the same as waving a loaded gun around. I know I've nearly been hit several times on 74/76 by idiots looking down at their cell phones and nearly hitting my car while my son was in it. If I could have, I would love to have been able to beat those people senseless as I have a right to defend my family and they failed to realize they could have hurt my child.


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