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You and your wife....

...could have purchased two good bikes for less than the cost of one Segway, done everything you are now doing on the Segways, and extended your life by years from the resultant cardiovascular benefits. I'm glad that you're happy with your purchase, but the question I posed ages ago remains unanswered: What can you do on your Segway that you can't do on a bike or motor-scooter? Whenever I ask that question, all I receive in reply is, "Oh, but they're technically sophisticated!" Technical sophistication is a trait, not a benefit. The light bulb didn't win out over gaslight because it was technically sophisticated. It won out because you it was far easier to turn on and extinguish, and most of all because it greatly eliminated the danger of your house or the whole block burning down. Tangible benefits. The automobile didn't win out over horses because of its technical sophistication, it won out because it didn't have to rest, and eventually went faster and could carry more. It didn't die if you couldn't "feed it" for a month. Tangible benefits. So tell me....WHAT are the tangible benefits of a Segway over existing forms of one-man transportation?


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