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Sightseeing as a hobby

What's wrong with walking while holding hands if you want some intimate outings? Why would you forgo the added benefit of aerobic and anaerobic exercise walking can provide while adding nearly nothing to your green house gas footprint? I can see that the Segway may have some usefulness to those people who work and live in the downtown area for commuting to work. So many days in our beautiful city are hot and steamy and walking would leave you drenched. What do you do with the Segway once you get to your destination? Are you going to leave it parked on the sidewalk impeding the travel of others? Are we going to have Segway corrals? Couldn't it be easily stolen? Bikes, skateboards, skates and, scooters aren't allowed by law on the sidewalks. I don't feel that Segways should be either. What makes a person who can afford a Segway more deserving or more priviledged than the person who can afford a skateboard? By the way, once you get on a mechanical means of conveyance you no longer can claim designation as a pedestrian. That is reserved for people who are walking.


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