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are there enough taxis in wilminton??? well, the real questions should be are there enough safe taxis in wilminton. wilmington permited cab are inspected once a year. all cabs permitted throught the airport are inspected 4 times a years so generally an airport cab is safer than just a wilmington permited cab. they mentioned in the article that not all the permitted cabs are used all the time. something else i believe is not fair is that most of the decisions made to rules and regualtions and what not realating to the taxis is done by the wilmington taxi association. this associations is basically the big four companies in wilmington and i can not be a part of it even though im a full time driver, you have to have 24 hour radio dispatch which only the big four have but is not really needed by all companies, but at the same time they help govern everyone. how is that fair? its not. this association is another reason why wilmington will not open up the w numbers. With the big four(letts, kats, yellow cab, and portcity}, they have offered to give up city permitsin oder to keep the city from opening the permits up. i think htey should jsut open up the numbers and those who meet all regulations should be able to get one because after all i thought nc was a right to work state. plus, with more business, generally means more taxes for the city. i know this will bring more competition, and generally the strong will survive, isnt that capitlasism. But, like i said the wilminton nc taxi association( the big four) governs what goes on in wilminton with taxis so of course they dont want this to happen because lot of smaller nicer companies already threaten their business, this is just unfair but not to them. so im all for them opening up w numbers.


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