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As far as wrightville beach goes

I am a cab owner in wilington who is fully permitted for wilmington and wrighville beach I only have 2 taxis and i want wilmington to take over the permitting of wrightsville beach. See the unfair business pratices of a lot of the wrightsville beach cabs including operating inside wilmington city limits have hurt not only the business of my company but also of the larger companies. And the cabs that dont have w-numbers are trying to get them at any means nessiary and often dont care about the customers or their safety, I know alot of the night time wrightsville beach cabs that dont work the airport are dangerous because Wrightsville Beach doesn't require back ground checkes at all and it gives us all a bad name when a dangerous individual hurts a passenger in a cab. As far as dui's it is not the number of cabs on the road it is the quality of the drivers. The college students dont want to get in a taxi sometimes because of the cost, other times it is because they dont trust the driver won't rip them off (I dont know how many times I have heard man your cheaper then the other cab we took to get here) and I hate to say it but I have to tell them some drivers don't care about the customer anymore they care about the money. We taxi drivers are here for several reasons we provide a safe ride home to the intoxicated customer, we provide rides to and from work, we can provide rides to and from friends houses, and we are to help customers and the public keep the roads safe. It is my opinion that anyone who runs outside of the law is a danger and should be shut down for the safety of Wilmington and wrightsville Beach residents.


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