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I don't like drunks on the

I don't like drunks on the road any more than the rest of you, but this guy was not convicted of any of the charges from this incident. A judge or jury saw the video, heard the testimony of the officers, and reviewed any breathalyzer results, then reached a verdict of not guilty. This is a pretty good inidcation that the guy shouldn't have been in jail, and that very likely the jail staff overreacted. If I were a betting man, I'd say the county and city will end up writing a big check to this guy. Sounds like he wasn't drunk, but instead was rude to the officers so they arrested him anyway and taught him a lesson in jail. The old south lives on. I'm not saying he was a model citizen, but the last offense date on the DOC page is over 10 years old. You can blow a .06 after maybe two beers. That is hardly what I would consider drunk.


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