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Hmmm.. think Fox News is all right-wing...LOL I guess that's why it is the NUMBER ONE news channel in America...course that's not saying much as the other "news" channels are bought and paid for by the left wingers. If you think Fox News is all shows you haven't even watched it. I know of MANY anchors and stories that directly attack stupid stuff the Republicans do...I guess you just get mad when the left gets attacked...THAT is the problem...CBS, NBC and ABC like to attack the right, but never seem to have the guts to attack the left...its called NEWS and Fox is the LEAST biased of the channels...the RATINGS PROVE it! Plus when it comes down to it..votes from the far left and far right DON'T MATTER...its the middle...and the middle watches Fox news...and FORTUNATELY...the Democrats and Socialists can't hide the truth on Fox....and BOY does it make 'em MAD AS FIRE...


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