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Time Warner is the real crook here.

As it is, Time Warner is screwing people out of their money and have for a long time...No competition gives them the oppertunity to charge whatever they feel like, and have been for years...I know people with cable who pay $180 a month for cable and internet, while someone with the same package pays $120, because of the outrageous contracts that Time Warner devises. They will double charge you months if you don't pay attention, high late fees, fake service charges, equipment charges, taxes, FCC fees, etc. If Time Warner weren't so greedy, they could pass some of their rediculous amounts of profits to FOX, and this wouldn't even be a story. Have any of you REALLY followed your cable bill every month of every year for the past 20 years? Have you researched Time Warner the company? Do some background investigation on Time Warner, see what they own, what they profit, etc. They will make the execs and the on-air personalities of FOX Network look like angels in comparison. Time Warner is screwing Networks, not that their any better, but they are screwing you!! I am amazed that some of the commenters here are unphased by the cost of cable TV. Also, I am looking at the tier packages right now and laguhing hysterically. Geniuses, they know exactly how to structure the tiers to screw you out of $30-80 more a month.


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