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Thank you ALL !

I am Tiffany's aunt and I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my family. Tiffany was a good girl and a good mother to them babies.Clarice said the other night "my mommy's died and I just wish she was sleeping though" They walk arounded the house and look for things she made and things that was hers and will bring it up to us and say " this use to be my mommies and then hold it tight to their chest" It's left me running to the next room. I it was a hard thing to do when I heard there was a body found and I called to make sure all my nieces were accountable for and when her sister said no aunt betty we can't find tiff I wanted to hide and say naw your just being a pernoid aunt! But I called her mom (my sister) and told her what I heard and told her to call the police to make sure. I wanted to stop time when they called and I heard her screaming in the back ground I knew then it was her.I can't sleep for dreaming of her trying to get away and asking why did she have to be throwed out on that long dark road by herself like a dog.Well I THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ! AND REMEMBER THEM BABIES IN YOUR PRAYERS. THANK YOU ! AND THANKS TO STAR NEWS AND ALL THE NEWS PEOPLE FOR LETTING US SAY HOW GOOD A PERSON MY BABY WAS !!!


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