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was a gang involvment involved in this sudden and sad murder?

If you are observant and look at the picture of this young woman and are at all noticing the rise of gangs in our area you might notice her hands where she is holding her two baby's in this picture you notice the way her hands are held,is this natural or is there more to it try to hold your hands that way.Also look up gang hand language.What i found shows you the different signs and this is one of them!they use these non language ways of talking to tell what gang they belong to also to send out a message to rival gangs.I pray this is not the case but i feel that it is possible.Did i also here there was a Tattoo does any one know what type?I just hope and pray they find who did this and also in the meantime if it is gang's /drugs what ever was involved and I do feel there is more here than meets the eyes.Be observant .in our day and time it could be a matter of Death and Life.In her case sadly no one could keep her safe.If gangs are involved then her death is not in vain if the police start getting a strong hold on the gangs in our area and don't be dumb they are out there our lives will all be safer and more peaceful.and the future lives of her children and our's will be safer and happier also.thanks


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