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American Hypocrisy

HA! Navytype, you're right on! I do hope you brought the previous posts up to the CO. My husband is part of the Gravely crew as well. Why shouldn't security be high, people? The crew of this new vessel and all others anywhere and everywhere that represent the United States military aren't to blame for such caution...hypocrites like you disrespectful anti-government idiots help pave the way for it with smartypant comments such as those you've posted. Boy, y'all sound proud to be part of this country and stand behind those who lay their lives on the lines for you everyday. And, perhaps you should remember that while being called to their duties they may not necessarily care to follow certain orders because of their own opinions, thoughts, or feelings...though, they have to. It is my understanding there is an expected 8,000 at least to grace the events planned for this memorable moment in history and the public is welcome to join the festivities and celebration, but don't be surprised when under the special dignitaries, the family and friends of all those serving aboard are put first...after all, it is all of us who sacrifice and go without so you can live freely. We also have protocol to follow. As for the Coast Guard pointing weapons at your toddlers, you should be assured and not doubt their training or skills, as if they'd missed the pirates behind you you'd be complaining then most probably, too. Perhaps you should've acted to bring it to the attention of their superiors since you feel so strongly about it. So, I'll now suggest that you don't bother to make an appearance and embarass yourself with your lack of compassion and understanding to those who serve to protect this country and their loved ones who come second to their duty. I can assure you that we won't miss you loudmouths who think you know better about running the systems of our country, but probably don't even vote for the changes you nag about. If you feel you can do better, grow some guts and join in the fight!


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