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So this property was

So this property was purchased in 2005 and we are now in 2010 and it is now being addressed. There is no doubt that Sparks did not do his job but who has been dropping the ball ever since? The minute the residents were moved out, suit should have been filed against Sparks to recover the 500,000 in insurance he does have and work begun to remediate these units. Like everything else in life, this service costs more five years later and the mold has been allowed to spread unchecked for that time.

Sounds like the plan all along was maybe to raze them and build the senior apartments and thought if they waited this long they could claim over a million in losses and sue Sparks to get the start up money for their project. I say sue Sparks, but add on whatever moron's idea it was to sit on this housing project for almost five years, when the problem could have been corrected then, even in phases, and the apartments be in use.


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