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Mrs. Shipman was my teacher my first year at Brunswick County Academy. I was so nervous and scared because of the first time being at the Alternative school. Mrs. Shipman helped me get past the nervousness, & helped me a lot along the way during my year at BCA. Teachers like her made me want to leave West Brunswick & Go back to BCA, which i did. I dont think at all that she did the crime. I know the boy who she "apparently" slept with, he caused a lot of trouble during the year, & made numerous lies about her up, which she was written up for. We always see one side to the story. What about Shipmans side? How do we not know he wasnt just making it up? She was a very beautiful woman & quite frankly i think it was made up. Think about the toll on the students when they returned to class the next day to find out she was arrested? Your such a dumbass for saying criminals can get a job in brunswick county. Its not that bad of a place. I was born & raised in BC & i wouldnt trade living here for anything. Smart way to make you sound educated. I graduated from BCA with honors & scholarships. You need to come up with something better to say, than the irrelavance of your statement saying "child molesters can get a job in brunswick county" ha, which has nothing to do with the arrest of Leah Shipman, now does it?


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