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Well, neither you nor your husband...

...know the law or the facts of this incident.

Using a firearm against another human being constitutes "deadly force."

You can legally use said deadly force when you are in fear of death or grievous bodily injury for yourself or another person.

Soles shot this guy in the front yard, AFTER they were trying to break down his door. It is also reported that the guy was shot in the BACK of his leg. That will be established or dismissed at trial, and if it is found to be true, it is prima facie evidence that Soles was not being attacked.

Regardless of a person's crimninal history or general worthlessness as a human being, you can't shoot someone because they WERE threatening you or because they WERE attacking you. Once the attack ceases, the right to use deadly force ceases.

If the facts as reported are true, Soles deserves a stay at the crossbar hotel.


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