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It seems

you miss a crucial point.

A verdict should not be based on local gossip or neighborhood, sly innuendo.

A verdict should be based on fact.

Every person is entitled to a fair and impartial trial by jury, if he so desires, or by a Judge. Everyone is deemed innocent until proven guilty. We have something in the Country called a Bill of Rights which protects the individual's inalienable rights. Maybe you should read it and the Constitution.

As to the amount of bail required, think about the intent of bail. Bail is intended to allow the release of a person charged with a crime until his trial takes place. It's intended to ensure the charged individual shows up for trial. We're talking a 70 something year old man who is caring for his 98 year old Father. In all liklihood, although it was not reported, he was likely required to surrender his passport.

You can bet he'll be there when the trial opens. I wish I had the time to sit in the court and watch his team of attorneys question these youthful miscreants; and rest assured they will. If you've followed the news reports, they hardly seem literate; I can imagine his attorneys will have a field day of questioning them.

Oh, if you're counting on all that personal stuff coming out in open court; be ready for disappointment. You can rest assured his attorneys will object vehemently to any question on any activity which is not directly related to the shooting. And a judge will have to concur. This trial will be about the shooting and only the shooting. Activities of 15 or more years ago, or activities surrounding "Frog" will be irrelevant to the trial.

Of course, while there is a court date set in Feburary, don't get your hopes up the trial will quickly follow.


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