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I relocated to this area

I relocated to this area many years ago as a 12 year old in junior high school. We moved here from West Virginia where my parents were born and raised and I was born in Cleveland where the lake effect snow caused snow drifts as high as your roof.

Back then, if snow was expected, they would bring us to school here in Onslow County, make the decision to close school, and then run us through our classes at ten or so minutes each to get assignments and then pack us on the bus and send us home by around ten am. Having relocated in the fall, we were still wearing light sweaters while the natives here looked like Nanook of the North so we thought all of the excitement about the possibility of snow was crazy anyway. The problem with the way they handled it then was that once the decision was made to close school, no matter what the weather ended up doing, they still closed up for the day and sent us home. I'll never forget the look on my mom's face the first day they sent us home like that. Try convincing a woman who actually walked a mile to school in the snow back in the forties when she was a child that you have just been sent home from school due to the snow when it is now approaching 50 degrees.


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