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never a 2nd chance

Never met so many stupid people in my life.
mabe I cant spell good. but I did get my GED and took biz in collage.
Ive worked for my self allmost 20 years.and if you understood what I was tring to say was that by not being able to get a good job I went to saleing weed to give my kids more.
and if you get caught saling weed or any drugs, then the cops seize all your funds. even from your bank account.
well they went into my account twice. once when I got busted. then again 6 mounths after I got busted. and had payed all my fines. Did all my time.
when I went to prison it was C.Y.O misterminer. wich is not sopposed to go against you.
but it did. I was only 17.the crimes that were comitted were when I was 15. did not get into any trouble for over 11 years. then I desidede to sale weed. wich should be legal in the first place.
and they stole from me. my spelling has nothen to do with my tring to make a point.
its people like you that is the reson no one changes for the better.
I wonder what skelotons you got in your closet.
I save lives for a liveing now. what do you do? been saving lives for over 2.5 years now.I DONT DRINK AND I KEEP DRUNKS OF THE STREET.IN FACT IM A MINISTER. AND NOT EVEN THAT HELPS WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING A JOB.


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