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never a 2nd chance

No we are not clear. they stole money that I worked for. not pot money.
I had allready told you that I had allready payed all fines and taxes ect. then 6 mounths later the D.E.A whent back into my account and stole over 1000 dollars. caused checks to bounce in wich I had to pay.
Its people like you that make it easy for cops to lie, cheat and steal.
you are the reson the U.S is th way it is today.
in fact they took 1600 and sent me back 600 with a note saying they had made a mistake and taxed me twice. and still I got ripped of for a 1000. so you dont need to talk what you dont was the DEA when Ronald was in office. who just happend to quit right Ronald got into trouble. the cops nor Ronald had any thing to do with it. it was the DEA dummy.It dont matter any ways that was 1999 and this is 2010 11 years later. and ive kept my nose clean.


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