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Wy do we have rehab if you are not going to give any one a 2nd chance??????I guess rehab is just another scam to get funds from the poor.
Most people that do crimes, do so because they dont get a 2nd chance...They are looking for a way out. ..
wy not give these people a way out in the form of a 2nd chance....give them a good job... show these people that we do care abought them...
insted we slam doors in their faces, not giving them a avenue for what do most people do??? they commit more crime...
not every one is smart like me and can start their own bizz. like i did...
I gave my self a 2nd chance because the law and the people wouldnt....I stay out of trouble because I got a good job. That gives me what I need. So now I dont have to commit crimes just work my butt off....Now I have self pride...self worth...and a perpose in life.... give these people a perpose, a reson to live, a reson to be proud of liveing and you will see crime go away..
or just keep doing like your doing and wach you stuff walk away... but dont complain, you dont belive in 2nd chances...


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