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Remember State farm during hurricane Fran?

State Farm was by far the biggest whiner, crying that they were going to go bankrupt because of the payouts of one storm, hurricane Fran. Sure, a lot of money was paid out, even more wasn't because of the fine print clauses. I know many families that were royally screwed by Sate Farm and their "hidden exceptions". I wouldn't use them in the first place...ever. Coverage looks great on paper, but when taken to task, you would think you were dealing with "AAA Backflash and Assoc.".
I wish no bad luck or circumstance on anyone, but the inland damage that occurred from hurricanes Hugo and Floyd flooded and destroyed more inland "protected" property than hurricanes have on the east coast in 20 years! Lets hope that State Farm can fill the empty voids of coastal properties with those in Tarrboro, Wilson, Raleigh, Greenville, Washington, the Tar River Basin, The Pamlico river Basin, the Trent river Basin, Charlotte and Linville Ridge. All of these areas sustained severe damage from Hugo in the 80's and Floyd in the 90's and are nowhere near a damned barrier island.
It appears that once again, the insurance industry is only legalized greed, deception and thievery, a title once only given to Gypsies that roamed the countryside without credentials, pilfering from hard working and honest folks.


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