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That is a rediculous statement!

You say,
"I think it's way past time for all insurance companies to stop coverage on land and homes that belong to mother nature - - - she will take it back one day."
Well sister, I don't know where you live, but I haven't found a home yet that doesn't belong to "mother nature" as you call it. You may want to recall hurricane Hugo that ravaged Charlotte and Linville Ridge (300 miles away) and hurricane Floyd that flooded Wilson, Rocky Mount, Greenville and Washington (150 miles away). Don't forget about hurricane Fran that tore a great hole in the back side of Raleigh/Durham (100 miles away).
I live on a barrier island and pay dearly for my insurance. I also paid dearly for special construction to include a 14 foot level of stilts, hurricane shutters and 200 mph siding. If you live anywhere close and don't have these ammenties, then suck it up tight when the next blow knocks at your door!
Any place even close and...NOT so close is taking a chance with mother nature. THAT is what insurance is all about...CHANCE...PROBABILITY and that is what the consumer pays so dearly for. Not for them to just walk off with our money.

Your state of mentality never ceases to amaze me.


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