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Quite Right

You hit the nail on the head Common. I led adjuster teams to Alabama in 2004-2005 and Fort Lauderdale in 2005-2006.

The challanges were not for the folks who understood their policy and deductible. The problem was often the Insured property owner who bought a bare bones policy with high deductible versus an all risk policy.

Sort of like the difference between buying a Chevy and an Escallade. You get what you pay for.

These posters also forget all policies are filed and approved with the Department of Insurance. Within the "fine print" is a toll free number to the Department of Insurance for anyone to use when they feel their claim is not being properly adjusted.

The irksome thing I observed, in both states, was the number of renters with no renters insurance who stood around crying to the media about the unfair society in which they lived and then belly ached because the FEMA team was not immediately there with all the freebies and handouts.

Why anyone living in an apartment would need a chain saw was beyond me. But in November, 2004, I watched folks line up in Evergreen, Alabama while FEMA dispensed free chain saws. No proof of property ownership or down trees required -- just a drivers license showing you lived in the County.

Now that was disgusting and a waste of tax payer dollars.


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