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This has got to be crazy

What were they doing on his property in the first place? Let me see, I bet they were there to make amends and invite Mr. Soles to an awards banquet for being the best Senator there ever was. LOL. Or better yet, they noticed the front door to the Senator’s house was locked and they thought there might be a fire inside and he needed assistance, so they kicked in the door only to find out that he was ok. That's what their attorney will say. But then Mr. Soles could say that he was cleaning his gun and it just went off.
They were committing a home invasion. A FELONY!! 1) Home Invasion 2) Conspiracy 3) Damage to Real Property. They didn't come there to go trick or treat. They went there to hurt or kill a Senator of the Unites States. Go to Washington D.C. and try that at the White House and see how far you get. If he gets convicted then the people in this country have serious problems. It's alright to be an illegal alien and take jobs and revenue from tax payers like you and I, but God help us when we defend our homes from scum of the earth like these two idiots. Yeah, nobody likes his life style, but that’s for him to figure out. He should have put the bullet between their eyes and spit on them.


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