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40 and went to Williston

I lived towards Monkey Junction at the 17th street extension area. I was one street over from the Roland Grise school, but instead had to be bussed to 10th st at Williston in the early 80s. It was dangerous then, much less now. The school also had part of Wrightsville Beach bussed there as well back then. They have always had screwed up bussing here in Wilmington and it will never stop. Williston didn't hurt me as far as education but it was because my parents cared. Talk to teachers and you will see what they see from the parents of children. It's not just our black children either, although it is more percentage wise. I live in Pine Valley now, my son will go to Myrtle Grove. Even the "good area schools" have MANY problems with drugs, sex and gangs. I'm going to sacrifice most extras, homeschool my child next year and get out of the government run schools. If you want to change something, sacrifice for your children. The government isn't going to get any better with the likes of the czars and crooked politicians, what gives you any indication the economy will either? It's going to get worse ppl, look at the writing on the wall. The least I am doing is tooting my horn, but complaining has never changed anything around here. If you want change, you must do it yourself. Self responsibility because we can't trust even our local gov, much less state and feds. When they took God out of schools, what more can you expect? Please grow up.


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