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Ghetto...the whole point of

Ghetto...the whole point of this article and problem is the opposite of yours. These people DON'T live in the "ghetto" and are being bussed to downtown/poor schools. They pay high taxes and expect their children to have a better education without the socio/economic problems of the lesser fortunates. I say lesser fortunates, but most of them are black and on welfare. You can call that "racist" but then you would have the problem that the fact is it's true. Saying a fact doesn't make one a racist. There is a problem in culture and few succeed. There again, call me racist, but it's still a fact. Doesn't make it my fault or anyone elses, except maybe the person living a lifestyle a lifelong journey on welfare. They work harder at keeping welfare than they would a job. This isn't inclusive of all welfare recipients, but most. Mexicans are now another problem that our schools didn't need. Alot of kids don't speak the language good enough to succeed and keep our English speaking kids back. The teachers CANNOT move faster than the slowest child in the class. Because of the fairy godmother everyone seems to think if we combine, black/white/non-English we will just have a grand ole melting pot. Sorry, doesn't work out for the best for anyone. Call me what you will, doesn't make what I say any less true.


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