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Think of the kids...

What if parents thought of the kids in their decision on this? I attended the same school system in New Hanover from K-12, and was in high school when the school board started pushing for redistricting each year. Kids who grew up together were split apart. If two kids were close friends, it didn't matter. One was sent to a school across town. From the beginning, redistricting caused headaches for parents who had to drive the children across town. It disrupted the lives of the students, taking the stability out of their environment. There are so many decisions parents are making on behalf of children these days without taking into consideration the lives which are most affected. It's rediculous, this inconsiderate push for monetary "equality" parents have. I know, for a fact, based on personal experience, that it is possible for children who come from backgrounds with less money to be close friends with those who have more. It has to do with how parents raise their kids. Raise kids with your mind, not your pocket. Learn from someone who was personally and negatively affected by redistricting. It's not worth it.


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