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Impossible to satisfy you.....

There is absolutely no way everybody will be satisfied with ANY school board decision...that's the bottom line. The disturbing fact here is the atmosphere of these hideous posts below with one particular poster rising horrible racial overtones by the use of statements such as "I have clorox for your white sheets..." insinuating KKK outfits. I was furious to read this type of race inciting jargon and responded with a post that wasn't published, likely for good reason as It made me angry.

This US of A we live in has come a long way. Freedoms for women an people of color have changed for the better. To find ignorant posts referring to the KKK and references of posted signs stating who uses what bathrooms or what water fountains is totally out of pocket for this subject and does nothing other than incite hate and prolong racism. I won't even discuss the sense ot total ignorance that I suspect.

This day and age affords everybody the same public education, black wite, red or yellow. It is a matter of family upbringing and personal motivation as to whether it is taken advantage of or not. It has nothing to do with rich kids schooling with poor kids or white kids schooling with black kids. It has EVERYTHING to do with family values, family participation and their involvement with their children. There are too many children left alone, without help with their homework or just to simply answer questions. I mentor at a local middle school 2 hours, twice a week. I have very eager, bright-eyed children that are literally starving for knowledge. They just don't have anyone at home that cares.

Now, THAT is a fact and THAT is what needs to be concentrated on!!!


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