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Missing the point

You are all missing the point. All children deserve a great education. Let us not forget no child left behind (not the ridiculous program it became but the statement that should have made people think and act). If for a minute you think that all children do not need some individual learning techniques, or more attention to reading , math, science or social studies than others you are all only fooling yourselves. For any educated person to think that by busing certain children/ from certain neighborhoods to a school 10 to 15 miles away to consolidate the need to form programs to help these children is ridicules. Programs are needed to provide individual help to students from every neighborhood. Programs are needed in every neighborhood. Parent involvement is need in every school, as well and these parents need their children to be close to home or as close as possible. The fact still remains that the land choice was a bad decision and now my child is stuck getting bused 12 to 15 miles to attend a school on ground no one wanted with two neighborhood’s that are noted rival gangs. It took more than 12 months for 7 educated adults with children’s best interest at heart to come up with that….Please….
I do believe in neighborhood schools and there is enough diversity within each area around each middle school to accomplish that.


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