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Bishops lame statements about his role in priest sex abuse

When are people going to wake up and see that the Bishop's of the Roman Catholic Church do not really care about sex abuse victims and are involved in a continuing cover up of clergy sex abuse.

What happened to the Bishop's Charter for the protection of children and our youth from Priest sexual predators? I thought these Bishop's, according to the Charter, pledged to report these incidents to the police as soon as they are made aware of the abuse and that they pledged transparency to the people so we are made aware of the potential danger of sexual predators within the church (whether the priests are suspended or otherwise).

Instead, Burbidge only makes a public statement after an arrest was made, but the sexual abuse was reported to him last September. This leads me to believe that Burbidge would have continued to cover-up, hide the truth from his parishoners, and keep a sex abuser on his payroll, unless the police arrested the priest.

It should be extremely clear, to anyone with an open mind, that the Bishops and the Roman Catholic Church have not changed since the sex abuse scandals came to light in 2002. They have talked a good game and have put on a great public relations campaign to try and repair their saintly image. But when you come right down to it, the Roman Catholic Church continues to cover-up, and employ clergy sex offenders.

It is now known that the actions, like the actions (or inactions) by Burbidge in this case, continue to promote the organizational environment that has already caused irreparable damage to thousands of innocent and unsuspecting individuals and their families and friends.

How anyone, who cares about the safety and welfare of children and youth, can continue to contribute to such a corrupt organization is a mystery to me.


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