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I'd take the job if they'd hire me.

Damn, there are a lot of crybabies/self-righteous "earners" posting on this. A friend and I applied for this job almost a month ago. We took this test, which was quite easy, and neither of us has heard anything back. I just heard some other guy tell me he did it and never heard back, either. I'm glad people from the ESC can take the time to do all these interviews claiming nobody has shown up for the job or whatever. You want to talk about people wasting your "precious tax dollar?" Look no further than those fools; they basically sit around their cubicle all day doing obsolete work (I have had better luck using the ESC website and searching leads myself) and having the security of a government job and a pension. There are undoubtedly people abusing the welfare system, but for people like me who have been everywhere and can't seem to find a job digging ditches, people like you who bitch and moan about people "being lazy" is an eyesore. I like how you all had the time in mid-afternoon to get on here and judge people; I'd think with your great job and the apparent money you have to spare you'd be off doing other things. Drop the "I'M A VICTIM OF SOMEBODY SUCKIN MY TAX DOLLARS" act, and suggest some places people might go to get a job. By the way, I'm getting NO benefits from anywhere and I'm barely cruising by on my savings.


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