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To the people saying these hurtful things about people being on unemployment---maybe one day you will be down and out at no fault of your own.
I lost my job and was on unemployment for over a year. I looked for work and that in itself is a job when there are no jobs available or people are not hiring. I finally found a job and I am very thankful that I have a job.
Unemployment benefits are based on your salary, so yes some people can make more getting unemployment benefits than working at a fast food place. What you people need to realize is that a house whole who has a budget set for say $20 an hour salary can not make it on a $7 an hour job.
What I gather from your response is that people should take whatever is out there and not worry about having enough salary to pay bills, have their living expenses met and so on. So my suggestion is why don't you give someone who is on unemployment your job and you go take a job at a fast food place or one of these opening that is spoken about in this article. Then the person without a job will be happy and then you should be more than happy as you got a "lazy butt" off the couch.


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