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Just another sign of greed and inability to do honest business..

A contract that makes someone pay for a service they cannot receive? Not an illegal business contract? I'm sorry, that's just bad, dishonest business practice! That's no less than just reaching into someones pocket and pulling money out at their whim...most people recognize this as "STEALING".

This is what's wrong with America these days, it is simple greed and groveling for any dollar they can get their hands on. Businesses nowadays refuse to be accountable for their products and services. The banks, the insurance companies, satellite/cable companies all have free reign to take your money for their grand wealth and leave you with zero. Car manufacturers don't want to back up their warranties without a major hassle and inconvenience. Try having one of your nice, new mega-screen TV's replaced that suddenly went up in smoke, or even a cheap toaster oven for that matter. Nobody backs their products or services anymore, even if you purchase the "extended warranty" for an extended price.

So whatever happened to right and wrong? Whatever happened that would allow a business to rip-off their customers, smile about it and flaunt their profits? It appears that over 30,000 complaints against direct TV has had no impact as they sign them up every day. What is the consumer to do these days???


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