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Gee, maybe Mr Futch and any other Brunswick Co official who doesn't see the need for another bridge, should try sitting in traffic everyday, stuck in the bottle neck, and then decide if there is no need for another bridge. Just because you all live and work in Brunswick county, and aren't affected by the horrible traffic in the morning, doesn't mean we don't need another bridge. How can that guy say "I don't see how a bridge south of the Cape fear bridge is going to help the bottle neck on 74/76" REALLY.... Common sense tells me that if they were to build bridge in the southern part of Leland, a good chunk of the people coming north on 17 and River Road, would go over that bridge, to get across the river, instead of coming all the way up to 74/76. Seems to me that would fix the bottleneck that is created every morning by all of these people from south Brunswick Co, north, to get across the river. It's not rocket science. That's the problem with these dinosaur leaders we have, they can't see past their own lives. They have no problem building all of these new housing developments, getting people to move here, but don't want to do the smart thing when it comes to the traffic problems they have caused.


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